Please join us for Dr. Dora Teloni at City Life/Vida Urbana!

Greece and the struggle against racism and austerity

The Boston Liberation Health Group is extremely excited to announce our upcoming hosting of Dr. Dora Dimitra Teloni at City Life/Vida Urbana.

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Dr. Teloni is a member of the School of Social Work at the Technical Educational Institute (TEI) of Patras, and an internationally respected social work practitioner, professor and researcher. We had the opportunity to experience Dr. Teloni speaking about her inspirational work while at the SWAN 2015 conference this year in Glasgow, Scotland and we are extremely fortunate to bring Dr. Teloni here to Boston to share her experiences working in the Greek Solidarity Movement, which– among so many other things– has managed to provide free healthcare to people struggling with the brutal austerity imposed by the IMF and corporatists who have put profit and greed before human need. The Solidarity Movement has recently emerged yet again as a shining model for revolutionary struggle, providing much needed support and solidarity with refugees seeking asylum in Greece and the rest of Europe.

We will be hosting Dr. Teloni at City Life/Vida Urbana on November 5th at 7:00pm at City Life/Vida Urbana: 284 Amory Street First Floor, Jamaica Plain, MA.

Dr. Teloni will have additional speaking engagements at Boston University School of Social Work, Encuentro Cinco.

Learn more about Dr. Teloni’s work and the struggle for liberation in Greece