BLH Charter: Compa amendment

For the purposes of expanding the leadership of and strengthening the impact of the Boston Liberation Health movement, the Boston Liberation Health Group (BLHG) Steering Committee (SC) offers and has ratified this amendment for the initiation of a new tier of membership, between general members and the SC, which we are calling “Compas.”

A) Membership

  1. Compas are members of the Boston Liberation Health community who are committed to the BLH values of building an anti-oppressive, anti-capitalist, anti-White Supremacist, anti-heteronormative world, and who want to increase their protagonism within the movement for a just world.
  2. There shall be no minimum or maximum number of Compas.
  3. Compas shall be appointed by majority vote of the steering committee (SC) after being nominated/endorsed by 2 or more SC members and following a period of proper vetting (a minimum of 6 months of regular attendance at BLH meetings and events).
  4. The SC shall have the power to terminate the status of any Compa via ⅔ majority vote when said Compa’s membership is understood to be detrimental to the Boston Liberation Health Group or unduly dangerous to other members of the Group, provided that the Compa shall have the right to be heard by the SC and have their hearing witnessed by general members and/or other Compas before a final decision is made.
  5. All Compas will be assigned a mentor from the SC who will help guide, consult with, and support the Compa in their growth and development as a leader in the movement.

B) Rights

  1. Working Groups
    1. Compas shall have the right to apply for the creation of an official Working Group (WG) to be chaired by themselves or other Compas or SC members, and to be staffed by compas, SC members, and general members.
    2. WGs shall be approved by unanimous vote of the SC.
    3. An SC member will be assigned to each WG as a mentor as a support to the WG.
    4. The WG mentor must be given advance notice of any major decisions or public activity of the WG
  2. Constitutional Assembly
    1. Each year the Compas will be invited to a Constitutional Assembly follow the SC annual retreat to be informed of goals for the year, new amendments, and other important decisions.
    2. Compas will be invited to give their wisdom, feedback, and criticism of SC goals.
    3. Compas will have the right to veto any new amendment (during the Assembly or at any other time an amendment is up for vote by the SC) by majority vote. The SC may unanimously override this veto, in which case the Compas can veto again by 2/3rds majority.

C) Responsibilities

Compas have many of the same responsibilities, guided by the same principles, as SC members, except that the rules governing Compas are not as strict or time consuming.

  1. Participation
    1. Compas will attend at least 6 of the 10 monthly general meetings each year.
    2. Compas will share their thoughts and opinions openly and with courage during meetings. They will also actively listen and create appropriate space for others to share, with a particular interest in creating safety and space for members of oppressed groups.
    3. Compas will be active contributors in social justice movements in the spirit of intersectionality
    4. Compas will actively represent the Boston Liberation Health Group publically by volunteering for running meetings, attending actions, tabling, providing healthcare, etc., as needed, and as meets their ability and comfort
    5. Compas will actively recruit appropriate new members for Boston Liberation Health
    6. Compas will be an active participant in at least one group project/campaign and attend meetings for that project/campaign at least 75% of the time. 
    7. Compas will participate in some capacity in a BLHG lead or endorsed Social Justice Action at least twice a year.
  1. Inclusivity 
  1. Compas will actively contribute to creating an environment within the Boston Liberation Health Group, the Social Work and Healthcare provider communities, Boston, the United States, and our world, of inclusion, tolerance, empathy, and freedom, with a particular attention in building the above for members of oppressed groups.
  2. Compas will treat others with compassion and will seek to resolve differences with each other, with BLH members, and with all people whenever open dialogue is possible.
  1. Solidarity
  1. Compas will use their skills and training to act in solidarity with all people in the struggle for liberation, and in particular with members of oppressed groups.
  2. Compas will be available and committed to members of the Boston Liberation Health Group when called upon
  3. Compas will put the goals and interests of the Boston Liberation Health Group ahead of their own
  1. Mastery
    1. Compas will act as as protagonists in the struggle for Liberation by being an active contributor to BLH and other social justice movements
    2. Compas will engage with opportunities to continue learning and applying Liberation Health theory
    3. Compas will build their capacity to act in solidarity with other people, organizations, and movements across difference, and with the goal of supporting and uplifting oppressed and marginalized people