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A close friend of mine discussing the atrocities of the Berks County Detention Center outside of City Hall in Philadelphia. As if its existence weren’t horrifying enough. #elpueblounidojamasseravencido #thepeopleunitedwillneverbedefeated ... See MoreSee Less

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Free talk and Q&A on Facebook Live 9/26 at 7 pm EST on managing chronic pain

"Relieve Your Chronic Pain Without Drugs or Side Effects” with Michelle Aubin, Holistic Pain Relief Coach

Since pain management in our medical system is abysmal, I try to introduce people to as many self-healing techniques as possible.

Next week I'll be interviewing Michelle about her methods, how she developed them, and how she can teach you to relieve your own pain. She's got a great story so I hope you'll join us live and be part of the conversation!

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[MSW/MPH second-year student seeking summer 2018 internship opportunity in Boston area]:

Hello All - I hope this message finds you well. I was encouraged to reach out on the BLH platform to elicit advice and suggestions!

My name is Benjamin Rosado, a current MSW/MPH second year student at UNC-Chapel Hill in North Carolina. I am currently trying to seek out opportunities for a MSW/MPH internship in Boston for Summer 2018 (leaning more on the MPH/macro side). If needed, a unique part of my dual MSW/MPH program is that it offers me a chance to independently seek out and create a new internship opportunity. I am getting a head start in researching organizations/agencies that could provide me a learning experience that match my interests. I have already completed one year as a full-time MSW student (along with a 9-month MSW internship).

Ultimately, I am seeking an opportunity to learn strong evaluation and monitoring skills – ideally with projects related to trauma-informed care/mental health interventions. I aspire to one day become a clinical social worker for Spanish-speaking communities/communities of color, yet I would like to strengthen my E&M skill sets. Finding a placement that marries clinical practice with more macro-public mental health work would be great.

My populations of interest are immigrant/refugee/Latinx communities/youth. For the purposes with my program at UNC-Chapel Hill, my internship must have some aspect of a Maternal and Child Health focus (either directly or indirectly).

Any advice or suggestions someone might have for me would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to message or email me ( as well. Thank you for your time and attention.

With peace and power,
Benjamin Ruiz Rosado
(he, him, his)
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I want you all to know about a hero of mine, Amelia Perry, who is more than a day into a hunger strike because ze is being denied mental health services for being trans here in Boston. Amelia is asking for whatever support that people can provide, both in securing treatment that ze desperately needs and is entitled to, as well as indicting the system that allowed this to happen. Please show your support in any way you can. ... See MoreSee Less

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